Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gator Cases

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Gator has launched another innovative product called the Gator Pedal Tote. The Gator Pedal Tote comes with a 16.5"x 12" pedal board constructed of high density plywood covered in "classic" Tolex covering. One of the pedal board features is that it comes with a carry handle built-in that slides into a 600-Denier Nylon padded carrying case for a convenient carry solution. The pedal board also includes access holes for cables to run below the board to utilize 4 supplied mounting screws for most multi output power supplies. A few extra features of this case includes exterior pocket for cables, pyramid rubber feet, and the face of pedal board is covered with Velcro for attaching pedals (attachment Velcro included). The G-Pedal-Tote comes in Black, Camouflage, or Black with Flame Artwork. Also available is our Powered version of the Pedal Tote which includes a Gator G-BUS-8 Multi-Output Power Supply.


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