Thursday, February 16, 2006

Auralex: pArtScience Product Line - AudioTile, SpaceCoupler, and SpaceArray

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Symetrix: 88192 A/D D/A converter, GENx192 low-jitter master clock

Steinberg Media Technologies: Wavelab 6, Virtual Guitarist 2, Mac/Intel support, VST 2.4 software development kit

Muse Research: Receptor hardware-based plug-in host

Morrison Digital Trumpet: MIDI trumpet controller

Lynx Studio Technology: Aurora series converter updates

Line 6: Guitar pedals with interchangeable effects modules, Lowdown bass amp

Electro-Voice: ZX1 and SB122 speaker systems

Electro-Voice: EVM-12L heavy-duty 12" guitar amp speaker

eJamming: Low-latency protocol for MIDI jamming over the internet

Cycling 74: UpMix mono/stereo to surround converter

Dean: Schenker Brothers Guitar

Crate: VTX200SH Amp

Budda: Superdrive Series Amps - 10th Anniversary Twimaster Amp

Levy's Leathers: Tread Wear Straps, The Pin Fringe, and Jimi Hendrix Straps

Samson Audio: QU1 - USB Dynamic Mic, CO3U Multi-Pattern USB Condenser Mic

Martin Guitars - X-Series XC1T, OMJM John Mayer Guitar, FeLiX II Guitar, OMC-41 Ritchie Sambora Signature Edition 6 and 12 string.

Hamer Guitars - Custom Shop Improv Jazz, Redwood Guitar, Triple Fat Cat

Gretsch - Custom Shop Snare Drums

Peavey - Zodiac Series Basses featuring David Ellefson - Zodiac DE Scorpio Model

Peavey - Windsor Guitar Amplifier

Peavey - Tour Series Amplifiers

Friday, February 03, 2006

TAMA - Exotic Limited Edition Drums, Starclassic Mirage Drums

Spector - ARC6 Guitar, Rebop DLX Bass

Randall - XL Series Amps

Parker Guitars - Adrian Belew Signature Fly Guitar

Kahler Press Conference

Ibanez - HR Giger Guitars

Fostex - PM-series Mk II speakers, MC-32 shotgun mic and more

Earthworks - HDM Periscope microphone

Discrete Drums - Ruff Drumz Vol. 1, Earthbeat, Heavy Mental, Apple Loop versions

DigiTech - Queensryche's Michael Wilton on the GNX3000

DigiTech - Meatloaf's Paul Crook on DigiTech processors

Dave Smith Instruments - Keyboard Mono Evolver

Arturia - Prophet-V, Brass

Monday, January 30, 2006

American Music and Supply - Hagstrom D2F Guitar

American Music and Supply - Hagstrom Swede Guitar

Focusrite Saffire - PRO 26 i/o

GrooveTubes - 928-PR and Marshall High Gain Kit

GrooveTubes - SuPRE Stereo Mic Preamp and VELO 8 Microphone

Parker Guitars - P8E Acoustic-Electric

Friday, January 27, 2006

Blue Microphones - OmniMouse and Snowball Mics

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OmniMouse Microphone

Based on the unique and versatile design of the popular Mouse Microphone, the OmniMouse is a small diaphragm perspex omni condenser microphone featuring a rotating omni-directional capsule enclosed within a spherical grille. This is the same B4 capsule used in Blue’s world-renowned Bottle microphone system. This precision recording tool combines the low noise and superb transient response of top-grade modern electronics with crisp, detailed high frequency response. Exceptional musicality and increased high frequency focus make the OmniMouse ideally suited to classical ensemble and large orchestra recording. Its ability to capture direct sound as well as the ambient environment are perfect for recording sources where room tone is desired; anything from live drums and percussion, to vocal groups and horn sections. The OmniMouse works well in a single mic set up, as a stereo pair, or in a Decca Tree configuration.

Snowball USB Microphone

Finally, a USB mic that’s not only easy to use, but sounds as good on your desktop as it does in a professional recording studio. Meet the Snowball,™ theworld’s first professional USB mic.

Whether you’re recording a guitar at your kitchen table or a complete band in the studio, the Snowball can capture it with detail unheard of before in a USB mic.

The Snowball is a direct plug n’ play mic that connects to either a Mac or PC – no additional software is needed. With its dual capsule design and unique three-pattern switch (cardioid, cardioid with -10dB pad and omni), the Snowball can handle everything from soft vocals to the loudest garage band — and it’s ideal for podcasting. Check it out and you’ll see why it’s the coolest mic in town.

Novation - ReMOTE LE, ReMOTE SL, and ReMOTE 24 SL

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The ReMOTE SL line of keyboards has heralded a completely new era of MIDI control. It's the first controller keyboard that detects the software you are using in your virtual studio and intelligently "automaps" that software's functions and controls to the keyboard's own front panel knobs and sliders. In short, no more fiddly overlays or template programming; assignments are automatic, as they should be.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Carvin - Icon Basses

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• Eastern Hard Rock Maple neck-through-construction for increased sustain
• Smooth neck-to-body heel for effortless playability to the last fret
• Tone enhancing alder wood body sides
• Premium grade Ebony fingerboard
• Super long lasting polished hard alloy medium-jumbo frets (.048 tall x .103 wide)
• Scale Length: 34” (35 1/4” scale on XB models)
• Graphite reinforced neck
• Dual action truss rod
• Premium Carvin tuners with extra fine 20:1 ratio • Graphite nut with teflon helps keep bass in tune
• Two Carvin premium humbucking pickups with 18v active/passive electronics
• Hipshot™ A-Style brass bridge with strings fed through the body for exceptional punch
• Strings: Carvin Med-Light Nickel round wounds (optional Stainless round wounds)
• Chrome hardware standard
• Colors: Jet Black, Classic White, Ferrari Red, Pearl White, Pearl Blue, Tung Oil Finish,
Clear Gloss, Clear Satin

Carvin - V3 Amplifier

More info -

V3 - 100W 3 Channel All Tube Amp
The V3’s 100% tube signal path delivers pure tone from warm to shimmering to infinite sustain and crunch. Three channels offer expanded tone circuits and overdrives for everything from Blues to Metal. Channels 1 and 2 are identical overdrive channels. However since each offers 3 different Drive settings and EQX Expanded Tone Circuits, you'll be able to dial in numerous variations on each channel. The 3rd channel is the clean channel, but with its own Drive control and 3 position switch, you'll be able to use this as an additional distortion channel as well. The Volume Boost is ideal for leads and solos, kick it in when you need to cut through. Two Smart Loops offer assignable effects to your channels. Simply select your channel and select your Smart Loop. The assignment is saved and recalled when you play through that channel. MIDI offers storage of channel switching, Volume Boost On/Off and Smart Loop On/Off. Built like a tank, the V3’s ruggedness keeps you playing night after night.

Master Controls

• Master volume: Controls output of all 3 channels. Boost or cut your entire rig with one control.
• Boost: Add up to 9 dB of volume boost, switch it on/off via the FS44 footswitch and MIDI.
• Bright: Boost highs starting at 5kHz for added clarity.
• Mid Cut: A unique mid cut helps dial in a master scooped tone from mild to extreme.
• Deep: Adds low frequencies at the sub-harmonic level
• Smart Loops: Total control of your effects, remembers your effects loop settings for each channel. Just assign a loop(s) to the currrent channel, Smart Loop™ permanently saves it until you change it.

Channel 1 & 2 Overdrive

3 Drive Modes:
a) "Center" - a classic rich, open overdrive with lots of headroom. Turning up the Drive knob adds sustain and warmth.
b) "Thick" - brings on the chunk with a massive low-end, textured mids and blistering highs. Turning up the Drive knob adds sustain to the highs, grit to the mids with low-end bark.
c) "Intense"- the most gain and sustain with notes that leap out with startling articulation. The low-end is deep and percussive. Mids and highs smoothly blend and still cut through. Turning up the Drive stretches the envelope of sustain to the edge.
EQX: Toggle between standard EQ and Expanded EQ. This switch opens a wider frequency range for the TREBLE and BASS.
Presence: Boosting 8kHz to help cut through.

Channel 3 Clean

3 Drive Modes:
a) "Center" - a classic rich, open clean sound with lots of headroom. Turning up the drive adds tube warmth and sag.
b) "Bright" - adds high end to the preamp, inviting high frequencies to chime and sustain as the Drive is turned up.
c) "Soak" - boosts all preamp frequencies. As the Drive is turned up, a vintage snarl emanates from the amp.
EQX: Toggle between standard EQ and Expanded EQ. This switch opens a wider frequency range for the TREBLE, MID and BASS.
Presence: Boost 11kHz for glassy, shimmering highs.

ESP Guitars LTD 1000 Series

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ESP LTD MH-1000 Guitar
FEATURES: set-thru construction; 25.5” scale; mahogany body w/quilted maple top; 3-piece maple neck; rosewood fingerboard; abalone offset block inlays w/model name at 12th fret; Seymour Duncan JB/59 pickups; volume & tone controls w/3-way slotted switch; black hardware; Sperzel locking tuners; Earvana compensated nut; TonePros locking bridge w/string-thru-body; white w/abalone binding on body neck & headstock; 24 XJ frets

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gator Cases

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Gator has launched another innovative product called the Gator Pedal Tote. The Gator Pedal Tote comes with a 16.5"x 12" pedal board constructed of high density plywood covered in "classic" Tolex covering. One of the pedal board features is that it comes with a carry handle built-in that slides into a 600-Denier Nylon padded carrying case for a convenient carry solution. The pedal board also includes access holes for cables to run below the board to utilize 4 supplied mounting screws for most multi output power supplies. A few extra features of this case includes exterior pocket for cables, pyramid rubber feet, and the face of pedal board is covered with Velcro for attaching pedals (attachment Velcro included). The G-Pedal-Tote comes in Black, Camouflage, or Black with Flame Artwork. Also available is our Powered version of the Pedal Tote which includes a Gator G-BUS-8 Multi-Output Power Supply.