Thursday, February 16, 2006

Auralex: pArtScience Product Line - AudioTile, SpaceCoupler, and SpaceArray

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Symetrix: 88192 A/D D/A converter, GENx192 low-jitter master clock

Steinberg Media Technologies: Wavelab 6, Virtual Guitarist 2, Mac/Intel support, VST 2.4 software development kit

Muse Research: Receptor hardware-based plug-in host

Morrison Digital Trumpet: MIDI trumpet controller

Lynx Studio Technology: Aurora series converter updates

Line 6: Guitar pedals with interchangeable effects modules, Lowdown bass amp

Electro-Voice: ZX1 and SB122 speaker systems

Electro-Voice: EVM-12L heavy-duty 12" guitar amp speaker

eJamming: Low-latency protocol for MIDI jamming over the internet

Cycling 74: UpMix mono/stereo to surround converter

Dean: Schenker Brothers Guitar

Crate: VTX200SH Amp

Budda: Superdrive Series Amps - 10th Anniversary Twimaster Amp

Levy's Leathers: Tread Wear Straps, The Pin Fringe, and Jimi Hendrix Straps

Samson Audio: QU1 - USB Dynamic Mic, CO3U Multi-Pattern USB Condenser Mic

Martin Guitars - X-Series XC1T, OMJM John Mayer Guitar, FeLiX II Guitar, OMC-41 Ritchie Sambora Signature Edition 6 and 12 string.

Hamer Guitars - Custom Shop Improv Jazz, Redwood Guitar, Triple Fat Cat

Gretsch - Custom Shop Snare Drums

Peavey - Zodiac Series Basses featuring David Ellefson - Zodiac DE Scorpio Model

Peavey - Windsor Guitar Amplifier

Peavey - Tour Series Amplifiers

Friday, February 03, 2006

TAMA - Exotic Limited Edition Drums, Starclassic Mirage Drums

Spector - ARC6 Guitar, Rebop DLX Bass

Randall - XL Series Amps

Parker Guitars - Adrian Belew Signature Fly Guitar

Kahler Press Conference

Ibanez - HR Giger Guitars

Fostex - PM-series Mk II speakers, MC-32 shotgun mic and more

Earthworks - HDM Periscope microphone

Discrete Drums - Ruff Drumz Vol. 1, Earthbeat, Heavy Mental, Apple Loop versions

DigiTech - Queensryche's Michael Wilton on the GNX3000

DigiTech - Meatloaf's Paul Crook on DigiTech processors

Dave Smith Instruments - Keyboard Mono Evolver

Arturia - Prophet-V, Brass